Prodigy Motorsports

Authorized Dealer for Maranello Karts
How fast do the go-karts go?

This is tough to answer as it really depends on the engine package, go-kart set-up, track configuration, and driver skill level. The go-karts are capable of 70-80+mph top speeds, but most track configurations tend to see top speeds around 55-65mph.

What are age and size requirements to drive/race the go-karts?

The driver must be at least five years old. There are classes for various ages of drivers.

What do I need to bring to the track to practice or race one of your go-karts?
On a day you plan to practice or race one of our Prodigy Motorsports go-karts, you will need to wear closed-toe shoes and full-length pants like jeans or you may bring your own safety gear (i.e., helmet, gloves, jacket/suit), if you have it. We are only able to supply limited sizes of gloves, suits, rib protectors, neck braces, etc. You may want to bring a chair, some food, and hydrating drinks though we will have some with us, and the tracks often offer some sort of snack and drink options.
Do I need to buy insurance?
You will need to sign a waiver at the track. Prodigy Motorsports also requires a waiver. You may wish to purchase additional insurance.
What if it rains on the day I'm scheduled to practice or race in one of your go-karts?
For safety reasons, we do not offer arrive-and-drive practice sessions or racing in the rain, so we will need to reschedule or refund your payment. Refunds are only issued due to inclement weather.
Are your go-karts available for sale?

Yes, Prodigy Motorsport is a go-kart dealer and parts supplier. We are also happy to assist you with purchasing gear and other accessories.

How much does karting cost?
Karting is a very affordable racing option; however, the cost can vary quite a bit depending on the specific go-kart model(s), the number of go-karts you wish to race, the engine packages which require different levels of associated maintenance costs, the amount of race travel you wish to do, etc. Prodigy Motorsports is happy to put together a custom racing package to meet your needs.